Exhausted trying to build your empire
(AND have a life) but getting nowhere fast?

Well I hear ya!

Our “to do” list is never-ending and often so overwhelming that we
end up half-assing things in a bid to get them done.

Then because we never feel 100% happy with anything we produce we
Never see our fullest potential.

Sound like you?

If you’ve ever spent hour after frustrating hour stalking…um sorry..looking at your (successful) competitors’ website and wondered how the hell they managed to crack the big-time while you’re still chasing your tail then this is the place for you.







Within any industry you will find

it’s Rock Stars

The women who’s names keep popping up over and over again.
The women who are well connected, well regarded and highly valued.
The women who earn bucketloads more cashola than most...,than YOU!
And they seem to do it effortlessly.
AND they seem to be having a lot of fun doing it, usually travelling the world and just to rub it in…
in total luxury AND looking fabulous.
Not too long ago I envied these women and now I am one of them!

I’m here to tell you that this can be YOU too.

I struggled for YEARS to make money in my business so I get it.

I'd spent years feeling like a loser and as though every damned thing I released was doomed to fail, I just could not work out why I kept failing when others, with less to offer than me, were killing it.

In the end all it took was making a DECISION....a decision to give my all to one idea for a full year.

The decision to FULLY  implement the strategies I knew would work for me if only I would do them and do them consistently.

The decision to see the damned thing all the way through to the end.

That decision changed everything and set me on THE most amazing path.

Now you might think 12 months is a long time but have you ever heard of the saying often used in sports "fast is smooth and smooth is fast?".

It took some discipline to stay the path for 12 months but I'd been stuffing around for years and years getting no-where so it was time to do things differently.

Implementing a strategic, highly polished, well executed plan AND pushing myself to work through things when I hit a wall all got me here...sitting on a multiple 6 figures without working my ass into the ground and gearing up to hit multiple 7 figures within the next 12 months.

YOU can do this too (and it won't take you 12 months!), if you let me show you how AND your prepared to do the work.

Unfortunately the culture around female entrepreneurial success is centered around these sentiments:

  • Launch before you're ready and figure it out as you go.
  • Just wing it!
  • Charge more and give less.
  • Go hard or go home.
  • No excuses.
  • If you're not hustle'n 24/7 your not serious.

I’ve been in this game long enough now to know that how THAT turns out!

Building a successful empire takes more than a flash in the pan idea rolled out with some half assed approach.

We are a far more discerning market these days, with so much crap on the market our radar is up and we are more cautious about handing over our hard earned cash than ever before, and with good reason.

Businesses that succeed are strategic and polished and that is what this program is all about.

That, and my belief that while we do need to do the work we don't need to grind our way through hustling every waking hour of the day.

The more strategic you are the less mistakes you make; you know mistakes cost a shizload of money and time and kick us in the ass mentally.

If you've been chasing your tail it's time for a new approach.

Trust me when you can see the road laid out for you and all you need to do is implement YOUR way this whole empire building gig becomes a walk in the park compared to what you've been doing.

Here’s what we’ll cover: Part 1

Uncovering your Entrepreneurial Sweet Spot

This is the key foundational piece of my Kickass Academy Online.

I can't even tell you how many women I coach who have sunk far too many hours and far too many dollars into a business that they're not even sure they love!

You cannot have a successful business if you're missing some key elements, to create SUSTAINABLE & SCALEABLE success your business idea needs to tick a few critical boxes. It's in this module that we lay the groundwork on which everything else is built.

Already have a business or a brand you think you've nailed? I promise you here and now, if you aren't making the sort of money you want to make in your business you have one of those critical boxes left unchecked.

This module alone is worth the cost of the entire program.

Developing A Brand That Is A True Extension of YOU & One That Get's Noticed.

Your brand is SOOO much more than your logo.

Yes kickass branding is important (VERY important) but ahead of a pretty image and the perfect font comes alignment and FEELING.

The very best brands in the world all make you FEEL something.

Virgin makes us smile.

Apple makes us feel like the cool kids.

Chanel generates feelings of wealth, status and abundance.

Your brand must make people feel too.

In this module I help you uncover what makes you unique and how to position yourself to make the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.

Create Your Eiffel Tower (your suite or products / programs for the uninitiated)

In this module I help you to design your programs and packages so your are working EXCLUSIVELY within your Zone of Genius.

The days of doing things you don't love, exhaust you or you aren't awesome at in your business are over.

I encourage all of my academy participants to keep a simple funnel that is perfectly poised in your market.

There are ZERO complicated funnels that keep you fiddling around with the technie nightmare side of things, instead I help you lay out a simple, yet kickass funnel from your lead magnet (opt-in) all the way through to your high end signature offering.

You'll learn to automate your lead generation and keep a steady stream of leads coming your way.

Down the track you can go nuts and start adding different programs and products (so long as they're aligned) but until you're making good money we stick to elegantly simple so you can spend your time doing the stuff that makes you money and grows your fame.

Professional Photo Shoot

Can we please talk about the photo/s you're using on your website and across social right now?

Are they up to scratch?

When was the last time you had them updated?

Here's the thing....as PAINFUL as it is to get our asses in front of the camera it's "tres importante"!

I have to admit I would rather pluck my nose hairs out with pliers than have my photo taken but honestly the photo's make my website, they make THIS website, they add an edge of polish and professionalism I've never been able to attain before and the difference to my website confidence was priceless.

Professional images WILL make your brand stand out from the competition and give you the confidence to promote your website far and wide.

In my LIVE program we have a whole month dedicated to the photo shoot and on the day I bring in a photographer and make-up artist, THAT is how important photo's are. I also do this because I know that left to their own devices my women would procrastinate getting photo's taken till the cows come home.

Don't be that girl!

Put your big girl panties on and get those photos done!

In this Module I help you craft the perfect photo shoot and make the whole process as painful as humanly possible...yes, you're welcome!

Your Online Presence

This Module is about sooo much more than your website.

In this module we ensure all of your social platforms are aligned, in tip top shape and looking fabulous so that as a whole your online presence is entirely kickass.

It's here we also get stuck into social media content strategy and creating the perfect Lead Magnet your tribe will love.

Here is also where I guide you to ensure your website says what it needs to say, looks the way it needs to look and does what it needs to do.

It's a big module with lots of key elements to knock over but as with all of my lessons they are simple, step by step and easy to implement.

This is the module where we tidy up all of our online presence so it's running like a well oiled, and highly converting machine.

Launch Strategy

The word "launch" can strike fear through an entrepreneur and with good reason, there are so many unknowns and so many moving parts, even for a super simple launch.

Honestly, trying to do this on your own is a recipe for stress and overwhelm and ramps up your desire to jump ship when what you really need to do is knuckle down and figure shit out as it goes pear shaped.

This is what can make or break even the most ballsy female entrepreneur.

In this module you'll learn how to plan a simple yet punchy launch YOUR way, employing strategies and methods you'll feel good about and avoiding cheesy tactics that make your skin crawl!

If you've seen launches going on around you that make your skin crawl you can rest assured that there's more than one way to launch and that there IS a launch strategy you can feel good about running with.

I'm the queen of simple elegance and launching is no different, simple is good, simple gets results and when your launch strategy feels aligned and right it can actually be a  lot of fun!

By the end of Part 1 you will:

By halfway through the program you'll know with 100% certainty you're on the right track and armed with everything you need to go on and create 6 figures (and beyond) in your business.

You'll have nailed your Entrepreneurial Sweet Spot and have developed a suite of programs and or products that keep you firmly planted in your Zone Of Genius.

You'll have a brand that you LOVE, is totally aligned to YOU the woman and get's noticed by your intended market.

You'll have a highly polished and cohesive online presence and a lead magnet that brings in a steady stream of leads.

And finally you'll be armed with a Launch Strategy (for your entire business or a new program /product) you love that you feel good about.

At this stage you're all set to start finally making the money you know you're business is capable of and you'll be feeling 100% confident in every step you take moving forward.

Here’s what we’ll cover: Part 2

Visibility & Content Mastery

Ya'll know you can't grow an empire if you're hiding right??

This is where I spent A LOT of my coaching and mentoring hours because while we love our business and we believe we're great at what we do we HATE putting ourselves out there.

Visibility brings up a lot of STUFF for women and in this Module I help you get a handle on your crap so can go forth and conquer the interwebs with your fabulous self.

Of course once I've been able to show you how amazing you are and that you totally should be visible everywhere all the time the next issue will arise.

This is the issue of CONTENT.

I'm often asked how I manage to pump out so much content and how I manage to come up with so many ideas.

Honestly when you're aligned and you know your markets pain points this is the easy part.

In this module I help you find your communication style and voice and show you how you can tap into boundless ideas for content your tribe wants to hear.

Self-Publish Your Book

Now before you freak out just hear me out for a little minute.

I know that the idea of writing a book can seem daunting, much less making it a best seller on Amazon but it is my absolute, heartfelt belief that most of us have at least one book in us (usually more) but often that's where the book remains...IN us, instead of on the shelves and in the hands of our tribe.

In this module I take you through a simple, stepped out approach for writing the book you have within you right now (not in 5 years when you know more).

I've written 3 books (the 4th is almost done), I'm an Amazon Best Selling Author and I wrote my first book at the end of 2012.

The initial manuscript for Book No.1 sat in a file that I shifted from computer to computer for more than 10 years!!

But once I got that bad boy written and published there was no stopping me, now 4 short years later I'm procrastinating over the release of my 4th book (this seems to be a large and rather annoying part of my "process") and you can have this too.

As well as writing your first (or another) book you'll also learn how to self-publish and get your pride and joy selling on Amazon in both hard copy and on Kindle.

Make Google Fall In Love With You –
SEO Strategies:

Ok it's confession time....

I've had online businesses since 2006 but only started to apply SEO in 2015!!!!!

For YEARS I buried my head in the sand and didn't want to know about SEO and it cost me dearly via the ridiculous amount of money I left on the table year after year.

In this module I teach you simple SEO strategies you can implement easily using tried and tested tools that make SEO easy and a simple part of your everyday writing and content.

I know that SEO is another of those terms that can send an entrepreneur running, screaming for the hills but again simply, elegantly, I'll teach you how to implement in a way that feels super easy and I promise the results ($$ in the bank) are worth it!

Selling with Social Media:

Paid leads are a large part of the game plan but they are not THE ONLY game plan.

Growing your fame online through social media is a must if you want to make the big bucks.

In an earlier module we spoke about Visibility but in this Module I talk advanced selling strategies using things like Facebook Livestream.

I also let you know why sharing photo's of your lunch or your cafe latte are important and how all of that helps grow your fame.


Sales & Conversion Strategies:

Urgghhh...did someone say SELLING??

Is it just me to loathes the concept of "selling"??

I think not!

Second (and often comes hand in hand) to Visibility I'd say "Sales" is where I spend another big chunk of my coaching / mentoring hours.

Generally we hate to "sell" because, just like with visibility, it requires us to put ourselves out there.

So we stall.

I know this is where I stalled and I had to to a shizload of work on my mindset before I could successfully sell instead of REPEL!

In this Module I help you re-frame your thinking around sales and share with you the ways I sell that don't feel at all like selling and yet ironically are making me more money than I've ever made in my life.

In this Module I help you uncover your own unique, aligned and organic sales process that will have you selling your stuff like hotcakes in no time.

Again....you're welcome!


Affiliates & Partnerships That Will Help You Get There Faster:

No woman achieves greatness on her own.

The big players you see sipping champers on yachts partner with other big players to help get their message (and offer) to a broader audience.

In this module we'll be talking about how partnering with the right peeps will help you achieve epic business growth in your business.


By the end of Part 2 you will:

Have become the savvy female entrepreneur you knew you could be.

Be growing your fame online DAILY.

Have found your own organic sales approach that feels good and makes you the big bucks!

Have become an author (and trust me you're only getting started).

Either have had your first $10K month or be well the way (provided you do the work of course).

Know exactly what you need to do to grow your empire from here.

All of this kickass content is delivered to you through…

  • 12 Separate & Easy To Follow Modules.
  • Stepped Out Syllabus in the form of workbooks & videos broken down into the 12 separate modules.
  • A resources section you can access this at any time.

While I don't believe there is any
one size fit's all formula to success
there are critical key factors that
contribute to success.
All of these are covered in this one program.
Nothing will fall through the cracks.


Let's get you started!


  • Pre-recorded lessons and workbooks for all 12 Modules.
  • This program is completely self-paced and has everything you need to create success.

1 Full Payment of $4997.00 USD

12 Monthly Installments of $435.00 USD

About Michelle

kicking-ass-elegantly copy_michelleMy name is Michelle Hext and I’m the Director and Founder of  The Art Of Kicking Ass Elegantly.

I’m a longterm entrepreneur (23 years) an author of 3 books (the last of which hit Amazon’s Best Seller List in 3 different categories!), speaker, 5th degree black belt and mother.

Over the past 23 years I’ve owned a bricks and mortar business along with ventures online and over those 23 years I’d have to say I’ve about seen it all and learned far more than any university degree could ever teach me.

In 2012 I’d been running an awesome business program for Martial Arts School Owners where I shared with them how to build a strong brand, market themselves successfully in a competitive environment, build their personal brand, productise their offering and lastly how to develop scaleable  digital products to generate income outside of the dojo.

I loved this work!

I also founded,  and until recently, owned the very first female only martial arts facility in Australia (in fact as far as I can tell, in the Western world but I know the minute I own that something will pop up!) and that was and is highly fulfilling work also.

I also LOVE working with female entrepreneurs but this is something I had stopped doing.

My greatest strength and gift is helping women build brands that pop – KAE is an entirely BEIGE FREE ZONE!

I love working with female entrepreneurs to help them re-discover life….you know, where you actually do stuff that doesn’t revolve around building your empire.

I’d seen (and been) so many female entrepreneurs so busy caught up in the grind they had forgotten to enjoy the simple pleasures in life but LIFE is really the end game isn’t it?

Creating a life as well as a business you love?

An itch started.

This was an itch that needing serious scratching and so the idea for The Art Of Kicking Ass Elegantly was born.

One day I was patting myself on the back for this amazing life I had created for myself and in the next breath it struck me that I hadn’t been enjoying any of it!!

I’d been so caught up in the grind and shifting goal posts that I wasn’t “living” the life I had created because I was so bent on “more” or the next big thing.

I looked back over my goals I’d set myself over the previous years and saw I had in fact achieved everything major I had set out to achieve, success was staring me in the face…and yet I still felt like I was failing!!

This was a major wake up call.

I made the decision to stop chasing and start enjoying every day… I mean THIS is what I had been working for in the first place!


I became powerfully strategic.

I focused on ONLY one thing at a time.

I began to enjoy the life I had worked so hard to create and my business has never been more successful and I have never been happier or more relaxed.

These' days my life is the best kind of busy….days filled with a lovely balance of work, rest and play…days filled with doing the things I love and enjoying simple luxuries every-single-day.

There is a new revolution being born right here and I hope you will be a part of it.

Michelle xo

What they're saying about Michelle

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q.How long is the program?

    A.The program is as long or short as you’d like to make it.

    I originally designed this program to be delivered over 12 months but now accept that some of  ya’ll want to work fast!!

    Ideally I’d love to see you take each module in it’s correct sequence and complete it FULLY before moving on to the next whether that takes 12 days (it won’t so don’t get too excited) or 12 weeks or 12 months…..uuumm…NOT 12 years!

    I’ve been an entrepreneur long enough to have seen SO many businesses come and go and unfortunately I’ve seen way too many female entrepreneurs throw in the towel too early..before they’ve taken the time to figure shiz out so by all means race through if you have to but ALWAYS come back to the relevant module and redo it if things don’t go to plan.

    Here’s the thing…it seems everyone’s after immediate success and when that doesn’t hit right off the bat they quit.

    What I’ve come to learn is that it takes a good 12 months to establish a brand, see it through it’s ups and downs, make the necessary tweaks and changes and allow it to grow into something that will support enduring success and enjoyment.

    Often there can be a quick win after launch and you can feel as though you’ve “made it” but what often happens is wins are followed by challenges – it’s just the way it goes, and when they hit support and strategy are required to keep you moving forward.

    AND another weird-ass phenomenon that occurs is that often a woman will surpass her own expectations, get pretty happy with herself and rest on her laurels and this is NEVER a good thing.

    If you’re not moving forwards you’re screaming backwards.

    There is ALWAYS another level and it’s my job to make you aware of it and help you reach it regardless of where you begin.

  • Q.Who is the program for?

    A.I LOVE service based businesses and this is my area of expertise.

    Coaches, consultants, organisers, stylists, anyone in fitness or martial arts.

    If you have a business that’s struggling and in need of a makeover I’m your gal.

    If you have the idea for a business and you haven’t started yet get excited because you’re about to shave years and 10’s of thousands of $$$ off your learning curve.

    If you’re sick of the struggle.

    Tired of the grind.

    In desperate need of a female entrepreneur posse of women who have your back, some support and ass kicking then look no further.

  • Q.How long will it be before I start making money?

    A.Of course this comes down to you but because I know you’re investing from day one it’s important to me that we get you up and running in a timely manner so the tools are there.

    At the end of the 3rd module you’ll have your brand and your programs and products mapped out, if you’re up for it I’d have you out there selling your stuff as soon as you’ve got a grip on the first 3 modules.

    If you’re willing to really step up and put yourself out there you’ll get a great result early on.

    For those of you who are already making money but not the amount you want you’ll get a much faster result usually because you can tweak what you have to bring it up to speed so you’re off and running again quickly.


  • Q.Why is this program different from the other ones out there on the interwebs?

    A.I don’t look much at other programs to compare to be honest (I like to keep in my own lane) but I can tell you this.

    My KAA Participants often comment on how supported they feel, that they’re regularly having “aha”moments and that they’ve never “thought of it that way before” so I know I do things differently.

    For one I’m all about sequence and order, simplicity and action.

    You won’t find too much that will overwhelm you because I only give you what you need to know, there’s no padding, no filler, every element of this program is only the gold, only the bits you need to know now to achieve success now.

    Plus I’m a little different too, I think differently to most and I think that comes from having left school at 14 (not by choice) and having grown up the way I did (think domestic violence and sexual abuse at a young age) coupled with my innate desire to “make something of myself”.

    Essentially I just figured stuff out along the way.

    I was implementing the Law Of Attraction before it was even knew it was a thing and from early primary school I was bribing the library staff to lend me teachers kits so I could start my own club and charge for lessons!

    I’ve lived through a lot, I’ve lived a big life with a ton of amazing experiences I created myself and I have a lot of wisdom to share.

    No ego meant here but really, there’s only one me so that’s why this program is different, because I’m leading it and I have your absolute best interests at heart.

    I want you to succeed alongside me and I know for certain that you can with this program.

  • Q.Will I get to work with you one-on-one?

    A.Nope, not unless you purchase a coaching package to go alongside this program.

    I do also offer single sessions if you really need me one-one one BUT I work hard to ensure that you feel fully coached and supported via the live calls and the Facebook Group.

    I’m even happy to create tutorials if you ask me to and I’ll often pop into the group to randomly shower some love on you 🙂

  • Q.How much $ will I have to spend outside of the program cost?

    A.Every single business I’ve ever started has been with money out of my back pocket (including this one).

    No-one has ever invested in me.

    I’ve never taken out a loan or an overdraft or even a credit card!

    I am the QUEEN of the shoestring and I’m very conscious that starting out your biggest expense is me and that there is not a lot left over for fabulous websites and stunning graphics.

    If you spend $1,000 on top of this program I’ll consider that excessive!

  • Q.Is the photo shoot included?

    A.Oh I wish it was!!

    But logistically this is a bit of a nightmare SO I’ve created a step-by-step module that spells out EXACTLY what you need to do to create stunning photo’s that are perfectly on brand and totally fabulous.

  • Q.When do I start?

    A.You get to start right away!!

    As soon as you hand over your credit card you’ll gain access to the Orientation Module and either ALL of the Modules if you’ve paid in full or the first 3 Modules if you’re on the payment plan.

    You’ll get access to the Private FB Group and you’ll be able to start making new buddies who will help support you and keep you accountable right away.

    This group of lovely ladies will become your new community, all on the same path to success you are.

  • Q.What is your refund policy?

    A.I have a 2 week  “no questions asked” refund policy but beyond that 2 week period you’re in for keeps.